The Camp staff team consists of a diverse group of people ages 17-40. In addition to internal hires, Camp Celiac seeks to bring in a small group of new staff, both nationally and from abroad. All staff undergoes regular criminal background checks, verification of certifications and reference checks. Camp Celiac follows all guidelines required by the Ontario Camping Association. We value diversity on our highly qualified staff and can't wait to introduce our campers to them every summer!

We know how critical staff are to the success of your kids and place great effort in putting together a passionate team, ready to support their needs.




Peter is a veteran of summer camp and outdoor education centres with 20 years of leadership and guiding experience. He holds degrees in Physical and Health Education and History. He is an Ontario Certified Teacher with the Limestone District School Board. He recently completed a master’s degree in education focussing on the personal and cultural perspective shift that happens on a canoe expedition. Peter is a believer in the importance of place-based education, hands on learning and collaborative learning environments.

Peter is excited to bring his years of working in the summer camp and wilderness adventure fields to Camp Davern. Peter lives in Kingston where he manages the Camp Davern office creating connections between Davernites past, present and future and communities in Eastern Ontario.

Peter can be reached at