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Help Send Celiac Kids To Camp!

At Camp Celiac, we want to give everyone the opportunity to come to camp. We know that living with celiac can be costly which is why we began our Subsidy Program. But we know our community wants to help send kids to camp too. Through the help of your donations, you can do just that.

All donations made out to Camp Celiac over $20 are eligible for a charitable donation receipt from the Canadian Celiac Association. Additionally, for each dollar donated, our host camp, Camp Davern, will match the amount through their subsidy program. Please scroll below if you would like to donate through us or through the CCA. We accept donations via E-Transfer or VISA. 

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Please fill in the donation form below if you wish to donate to Camp Celiac. All donations over $20 will be issued a charitable receipt through the Canadian Celiac Association. E-Transfers must be sent separately to Be sure to include who you would like the donation receipt to be made out to in the message section of the transfer.

Thanks for submitting!

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Specify Camp Celiac Upon DonationTo Ensure Your Dollars Are Going Towards Sending Kids To Camp!

When you make a tax-receiptable donation to the CCA Ottawa Chapter, you are helping to ensure a better quality of life for Canadians with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

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