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Camp Celiac provides campers the social experience of staying in cabins with other children their own age. Living together under one roof, campers learn independence and cooperation in a setting that stimulates character growth. Camp Celiac campers dine with their cabin in family-style table settings, reinforcing the team dynamic we believe in.

Campers of all ages participate in 2 cabin rotation activities in the morning and 2 'choice' periods in the afternoon, allowing them the chance to branch off and pick their activities. With an incredible range of stimulating and creative options, there is something for every camper, no matter their interests or level of experience.

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Rotation periods are excellent opportunities for Camp Celiac campers to engage in some Canadian camping classics! From canoe to archery to kayak, campers will have the opportunity to participate in summer camp staples. Our staff take pride in excellent instruction and create opportunities for cabinmates to bond outside of the cabin itself.



Campers are given the opportunity to choose how they would like to spend two of their afternoon periods. After lunch, campers head to the program board, and choose from a new list of activity options each day. While classic activities like high ropes and arts and crafts may be available during these periods, kids will also get to choose from some exciting, less traditional options as well.



The time following dinner and before bed is often the most exciting of the day. Activities vary from day to day, from large-scale team games like Capture the Flag, to more intimate affairs like campfires or talent shows. Evening programs are never repeated and ALWAYS an experience to remember.



While camp is magical in its own right, something extra magical happens each session. Campers will wake up on an unspecified day to a transformed camp where the regular schedule has been completely changed. Sometimes the circus comes to camp, sometimes it's the Avengers. You never know who may come to visit!

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