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Camp Celiac is operated by the management team of Camp Davern, with the support of our Board of Advisors. Consisting of professionals and parents connected to Celiac, our health practices, food service and all special considerations are discussed and guided by this hard working group of amazing individuals.



Carmen Rupp-Eke didn’t know what celiac disease was when her then-7-year-old daughter was diagnosed in 2015 after years of emotional and abdominal issues. Four years later, Carmen has joined the Canadian Celiac Association – Ottawa Chapter to help find a community for their new life. She has discovered that, although more and more kids were being diagnosed with celiac, there were no activities or communities for kids with the disease. Under the Chapter, she started a cooking class for kids, where she and other volunteers run classes where kids get to enjoy each other’s company and learn new gluten free recipes. When she’s not cooking and baking gluten-free dishes, she is busy with her day job with Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service. Born in Germany, Carmen grew up on a farm in rural Ontario, she appreciates good food and everything outdoors.



Diagnosed with Celiac Disease for over 20 years Sue Jennet is a YouTuber, blogger and host of The Canadian Celiac Podcast. Following Sue's diagnosis, her daughter was also diagnosed with Celiac.

Upon realizing she only had limited gluten-free options around her, Sue became a baker, and opened up her own gluten-free bakery and operated it for over 10 years. Additionally, she even operated her own celiac kids camp for a number of years and across multiple locations.

Now the president of the Canadian Celiac Association Kingston chapter and host of YourTV's 2-season GF Baking show, Sue hopes her experience and connections within the celiac and gluten free world will help others on their journey both at camp and in the city.



Tatiana has a personal and professional connection with Celiac Disease. She graduated from Saint Francis Xavier university with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and completed a Dietetic Internship at the Moncton Hospital in NB.

She is now a Registered Dietitian for Loblaws College Square and Loblaws Merivale. She is always ready for an adventure and has a strong passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle. She is beyond excited to be apart of this amazing project, for children living with Celiac Disease. 



Lindsay was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2018, with no family history, it came as quite a surprise. Six months later, Lindsay’s daughter was also diagnosed at the age of 6. Wanting her
daughter to have a worry-free camp experience, Lindsay was beyond thrilled when she discovered Camp Celiac and her daughter was able to attend its very first summer.

Lindsay is very excited to be part of the board and help ensure that kids with celiac or gluten sensitivities are able to experience all the magic of sleepaway camp.



June Williams was born with celiac disease some 80+ years ago.  She was what they called a banana baby, then a buttermilk baby. Once out of hospital 2 -3 years later, they thought she was healthy! In 1995 she was re-diagnosed, and very ill. Once on her feet again she joined the Canadian Celiac Association to try and help others.  She has held many positions with the Ottawa Chapter, including President. There are so many people that need help with wheat and other sensitivity allergies that we can help along by sharing information. June has been instrumental in helping organize two mini conferences and two National Conferences in Ottawa which featured authoritative speakers from around the world. 

June is pleased to work on the Board of Directors with the Canadian Celiac Association, in Ottawa. Together, she is part of a team of volunteers who work to improve the lives of local people with celiac disease by sharing information and organizing get-togethers. She’s happy to know that there is now an active group for children, knowing that there are more children getting diagnosed all the time. 

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Debbie grew up going to camp as a camper and later working on staff for several summers so she knows personally the wonderful friendships and sense of community formed through the overnight camp experience.  After her daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, she and her family had a steep learning curve with all the required precautions and cooking/baking gluten free. 

Despite learning many tricks of the trade, sleepovers and shared meals remain an ongoing challenge.  Therefore, Debbie is thrilled that Camp Celiac offers a fun, inclusive and deliciously gluten free camp!   



Patricia Denis, a celiac herself, was diagnosed at the age of 25. Although she knew what celiac disease was, because her sister was diagnosed several years before, it was a huge change for a 25 year olds social life. Things have gotten easier,  thanks the Canadian Celiac Association. Patricia runs the CCA Ottawa Chapters social media pages, as the Public Relations rep and loves meeting new celiacs! She is also a new mom and that is why she is interested in getting Camp Celiac started!

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